Who We Are

U.N.I.T.E. – LTD stands for Unified Networks of Interoperable Technology Enhancements Limited. UNITE-LTD is an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) and System Integrator (SI). We bring unique security solutions to our customers.

The UNITE-LTD approach to supplying viable and economic solutions typically involves applications of diverse technologies that in combination enhance over all operation. UNITE-LTD is a technology innovator that includes research and development, manufacturing and professional services. Our focus is security.

Typical Security applications are multi-discipline applying several different base technologies. For example port security could include video surveillance combined with video software analytics. A wireless communication system would connect all of the surveillance assets to a common Command and Control center. Now, with the advent of the UNITE-LTD cargo Scanner CSC9000 cargo containers can be rapidly scanned for drugs, explosives and radionuclide materials. These systems can be integrated in to a seamless port surveillance system.

Our History

UNITE-LTD is a multinational company employing personal all over the world. Our people have been directly involved in security projects in many areas of Africa and the Caribbean. Some of our base security skills have originated in security solutions derived under the auspices of the United Nations (UN). UNITE-LTD employs engineers and technicians that have work in UN applications world wide.

Our Skills

Radio and Broadband Communication
The AMAP5000 MicroCellular Access is the core product manufactured by UNITE-LTD. It is plug and play with LTE 3GPP R8.
Video Surveillance
UNITE-LTE uses several types of hardened video Surveillance cameras depending on the application including low LUX for night vision and sodium light color correction.
Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
The UNITE—LTD approach to human intelligence is to augment personnel with advanced technology.
Drug and Explosive Detection
The base for the UNITE-LTD technology is molecular signature analysis.
Information Security
UNITE-LTD can provide a risk vector analysis followed by event management and escalation recommendations. We support implementation to minimize the impact on your IT personnel.

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